Hey everyone!Currently sitting in a tech rehearsal for my next show, Mother Goose Christmas! We have our first preview performance next Thursday and I cannot wait to play with this one. I'm playing Humpty Dumpty- yes, THE Humpty Dumpty, wall and all. I tried on my egg costume today and its going to be a doozy! This may be the silliest of silly costumes and I'm having a ball playing with the witty wordplay of this guy.

It just points out the insane variety of roles I've been given lately. I think its been a minute since I've updated this blog, so let me give you a run down of all the characters I've played since this summer. It might be nice for my own brain to recap.


-  Mercade in Loves Labours Lost, the ultimate bearer of bad news.

- Biondello in Taming Of The Shrew, the friendliest hunchback of Padua.

- Lady Capulet in Romeo and Juliet, which was a combined character of Papa Cap and Mama Cap, making her one bad ass single mom.

- Dotty in Giggle, Giggle, Quack- a ray of singing southern sunshine on a busy farm.

- Brooke in Goosebumps The Musical, the energy filled (and maybe a touch neurotic) nerdy leading lady who gave me an opportunity to live out all my nostalgic dreams as well as challenge me in ways I never anticipated. This is now one of my all time favorite shows I've ever done.

Which leads me to Humpty... the pretentious, self absorbed egg with anger manangement issues.

I'm loving this crazy life I'm living.

If you want to check out Mother Goose, then follow this link for tickets:

Mother Goose Tickets