Working on the next show at The Arts Center and l'm so excited for everyone to see this one.

  The Snowy Day and Other Stories is a really cool play based on four of Ezra Jack Keats famous books. It combines live actors, music,  and shadow puppetry. I haven't attempted a shadow puppet based show since performing as a live actor puppet in The Ugly Duckling, an original show created by Katie Campbell. I performed in her version that was in western, NY and we put it together in about a week--- which, if you know anything of shadow puppetry, is INSANE. Although challening, The Ugly Duckling is one of my all time favorite theatre experiences. I can't begin to describe how special that show was, but it did win a grant from The Jim Henson Foundation, so that might give you some idea.  

    I was naturally pretty pumped to team up with Katie again on this project as the head puppeteer. We're two weeks into rehearsal, and its beginning to come back to me how difficult this style of theatre is. It takes an incredible amount of focus and precision when working with puppets the size of your thumb, moving them upside down and backwards, attempting to make it as seamless as edits in a movie. The effect, when executed well, is breathtaking. There is an incredible company, I believe it's based out of Chicago, that produces original shadow puppetry shows that are positively brilliant. They are called Manual Cinema and you can find out more about them at I can't think of a better example to share of how it merges theatre and film to create a unique and beaitiful art form.

I'm so excited to see Snowy Day come together, it will not just be shadow puppetry, but also add in more live actors in front of the screen interacting with the puppetry and music! The story is so fun and engaging and I really think kids and adults will both enjoy it.

Come see us!