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Sharon has been teaching around the country for over 7 years as an educator specializing in foundational acting and performance techniques for artists, both youth and adult. She has been a primary educator and director of education with Shake on The Lake in western NY and Arkansas Shakespeare Theatre in Central Arkansas.


Recently, she taught acting for non-majors and majors at Michigan State University and will be teaching Intro to Theatre at the University of Arkansas Pulaski Tech this fall. Her interest in Art for Social Change resulted in the creation of an original class titled "Acting for Social Change" for the Residential College of Arts and Humanities at Michigan State University. As well as producing an original production titled Untold Stories with both graduate and undergraduate students. The students explored the process of Federal Theatre Projects Living Newspaper and then created their own online version that reflected the way the students navigated the oversaturation of information in an online world.


Sharon also collaborated with 7 other artists to make an Actor Warm-Up Podcast titled The Moment Before. You can find the podcast on Itunes or Spotify! 

Check out her CV for more workshops and classes she has taught and taken over the years! 

For her philosophy and approach to education, check out her teaching philosophy.